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Kid’s Shoes-Right Fit Makes All the Difference

by | Sep 18, 2022 | Family | 0 comments

When it Comes to Kid’s Shoes, the Right Fit Makes All the Difference

Fit and function are most important when buying kid’s shoes, but it doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice look and style for your toddler, pre-teen or teen. Just as you as a parent would not want to wear shoes that are too big or too small for any length of time, children don’t want uncomfortable contraptions on their feet.

Sadly, a lot of kids won’t say if their shoes are hurting their feet. They are too busy having fun, focusing on friends, and moving from one place to the other.

Size Matters: Get Your Kid’s Shoes That Fit

The right shoes on your kids feet are important, and that starts with finding the right size. Buying in-store is easy; just have your kids feet measured and have them start trying on shoes that fit that measurement range.

But you can do just as good a job measuring your kids feet from heel to toe at home so that online order provides success and a comfortable fit when those new kicks arrive to your front door. 

Regardless, getting the right measurement is important and helps develop healthy feet for life. Yes, kids’ feet keep growing – some faster than others – and medical experts say feet can keep growing until a child leaves their teen years. When those teens are old enough to vote, their feet should stop growing.

Additional Tips for Buying Kid’s Shoes

Here are some important tips for you to consider when buying kid’s shoes for your children:

  • Don’t buy shoes that are too big. When it comes to toddlers learning to walk and gaining confidence in their balance, shoes that are too large are a huge hindrance. Wobbly plus shoes that are too large equals a recipe for disaster, and possible injury. If your goal is to save some money knowing your child’s feet will “grow into the shoes,” that thinking could be offset with a trip (no pun intended) to the ER.
  • Check the toes. The front of the shoe is known as the “toe box.” When you have those new shoes in hand, make sure your child has plenty of room for their toes to avoid overcrowding, which can put painful pressure on the toes. If their toes can wiggle a bit, they are good to go. You don’t want too much room so they are sliding in their shoes, but little room is best.
  • Function over style. Style is important, especially for egos of kids looking to impress friends and classmates, but comfort and function should always win out. You don’t want a kid trying to play at recess or compete in intramural sports with shoes made for show and not for performance. The soles are super important, too, as non-slip bottoms are a safety feature not to be dismissed. 
  • Keep an eye on fit. As mentioned above, kids’ feet keep growing until they are 18. If your child is experiencing a growth spurt in height, his or her feet are likely growing, too. Check in with them and make sure their shoes are still comfy. If they say no, replace the shoes. It’s worth it.

Check out our girls and boys shoe options online. There’s a style for everyone, and now you’ll have the perfect fit for your kids when they arrive.


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